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Flohdot has hair!

So Flohdot just got back from Costa Rica. She has hair now. I suspect this is just an artifact of her mom trying her darndest to make Floh as fem as possible… But Montreal will butch her back up soon enough :o)

In other news, I’m playing around with the fotoblog features of Flickr. It’s pretty fucking sw33t.

this pic from Flickr

My new favourite place

Tentacoo Wape?
OMG I want to go to this sushi restaurant! It’s on the Lachine Canal, near my house. I want to go and order squid, and octopus, and eel!

Who’s in? Ha! Let’s get a group of people together and order an all-tentacle meal! w00t!

More Random Fotoblogging

Have I mentioned I love my new toy? I’ve been taking photos, uploading them, clearing my phone’s memory, taking more photos… It’s fun! Yay! I have a camera!

Remember this little guy?

This is the last month you will be able to check out the coolness at The domain name is expiring and we have no desire to renew it. Why? Because that’s kind of the point. Flash Mobbing was cool while it lasted, and it lasted exactly the right amount of time. If you are one of the dozens of people who wrote me saying there should have been more mobs or one of the people going on about how you’re going to do flash mobs for the rest of your life, you are a loser. And kinda stupid: you never got the idea of them in the first place.

Hmmm… I still have all the archives of the mailing list. I wonder if I feel like posting them all somewhere?

A vacation at home

You know how when you go away for the weekend, you feel like you’ve been on vacation? I mean, the industry-standard work week has a two-day vacation built right into it, but somehow when you spend those two days out of town if feels different from lounging about in town. More relaxing, more refreshing. Unless the rugrats are with you, but I’m deliciously spawn-free.

Well, this week I had a friend in from out of town staying at my place. I’m not sure if it was because he brought his “I’m on vacation” vibe with him, or because I just didn’t follow my usual heavy sleeping routine, but by the end of the weekend I felt like I had had a couple of days out of town.

Pretty cool, yes, except that I suspect this week will be a stressful one. More on that later.

Wrappy Goodness!

BMT Wrap
Look at that delicious wrapness. I’m really digging these Subway wraps. You know how bread sometimes feels like it’s just padding? Like it’s there to make you feel full even though there wasn’t all that much filling in the sandwich? Well, yay wrap!

Also, this allows me to show off my new toy. I just got the camera attachment to my phone, and I’m going crazy photoing stuff.

Plus, there’s a not-so-subtle plug for my new cool hat (seen in background)

Or perhaps I’m just kinda giddy because someone is coming into town tonight!

Thank you, Noah from Colorado

Remember that post a few weeks ago about loss and my tendency to be separated from people? Well, some guy named Noah found my blog somehow, read what I had written and forwarded the link to Tabitha, who then added a comment and we’ve been emailing each other! Funny how this interweb thingy can bring people together, huh?