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For whatever reason, whatever goal you have in mind (if you have goals), you want to remain productive. This way you don’t lose track, you don’t slip into the oblivion of uselessness. You’re moving, even if it’s sideways and not specifically forward.

One way to do this is to allow yourself as little free time as possible. This works: by keeping yourself asymptotically close to 0 downtime you get used to always producing, creating or otherwise doing. As soon as you’re not doing something you look for something new to do and so you (ideally) maximize the amount of stuff you get done per day.

Maybe I’m just too lazy for that. Then again, perhaps it’s that I see relaxing as its own activity. Something in my mind sees lounging about, catching up on rest, as productive. So, if I have an entire day of sleeping after an especially long week that, to me, is pretty productive despite not having any tangible product.

As for my way of producing stuff: I surround myself with the means to do so. I always carry a notebook, a couple of sketchpads and ample writing and drawing material with me. My goban lives in my car, so it’s always within reach. I often have my laptop (old clunker that it is) and any combination of gaming books, novels, graph paper, Go books, flotsam and jetsam. So, at any moment’s notice, I can make a record of some idea I have, relax and read, or whatever. All I’m missing is a camera, and as soon as I can justify spending 130$ I’ll get the camera attachment for my phone. Oh, plus the 55$ for the data cable…

So I do stay productive. And any time I feel myself slipping I forgo sleep awhile and draw or write. Sleep deprivation helps with that, but this post is about productivity, not creativity.

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By the way: I started this post a few days ago and put it off until now. Draw whatever ironic conclusions you like.

It’s all About Consent

… But not exclusively. There are some simple examples:

  • You don’t want to fuck me, and tell me so. I fuck you anyway. This is clearly wrong.
  • You own a car. I want the car. You don’t want me to have it. I take it. Is this wrong? Clearly yes, even though your car is a piece of shit.
  • You want me to hurt you by burning you with wax. You tell me so, and I comply. Is this wrong? Clearly no.
  • I restrain you and inject a harmful chemical into your body against your will. Is this wrong? I should hope so.

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