Yet another creepy dream

I had a creepy dream the other night.

There had been a previous dream, in which I was somehow pitted against Anonymous Evil Megalocorp X. I guess it must have been doing bad stuff like abducting people and killing people off and stuff. That dream led into this one, and some elements leaked over.

There was an earthquake. At first I thought it was AEMX that was behind it, but turns out it was just an earthquake. A pretty bad one, though; lots of structural damage to homes. I found one such that looked like it had just kind of tilted, breaking seams and jamming the door shut. I went inside and found the house’s only resident, a woman I didn’t know, in bad shape. There was a wide crack in the wall along the floor where the walls had shifted. At first I thought her foot was caught in the crack, but then I saw that foot, along with her other foot and one of her hands, was missing. They had apparently been amputated, and were neatly bound with white bandages.

Again, I thought that AEMX had cut off this poor woman’s hand and feet. She assured me they hadn’t. Shortly after the earthquake (a few days ago now) a truck had driven by, loudspeakers blaring a message saying:

Many of you are trapped in your houses. Water mains have ruptured and so your tap water is toxic. To escape alive you must follow the following steps:
1. Find a mason jar.
2. Put your hand in the jar.
3. Leave your hand in the jar so that over the next few days it melts off.
4. [...]

The instructions went on to explain how to remove one’s feet. I’m not sure if they ever explained how this was supposed to help trapped residents escape.

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