The Charity Girls are Back

Man, I love BoingBoing. Today there were a couple of articles about ‘Operation Take One For The Country’, the latest american war effort and probably the best reason ever to join the armed forces.

Yes, this ranks even above “I get to shoot brown people.” Asshole.

Operation Take One For The Country

So these girls (the organization is currently mostly female) show up at restaurants and bars near where soldiers are going to be shipping out, and give them a bit of tail as a send-off. There’s entire sororities getting involved, huge (fairly) organized groups of chicks giving their boys a good time before they head out into the field. There’s even some talk of ‘Felatio Friday’[sic]

So basically, is this just a bunch of sluts justifying their promiscuity by saying they have a cause? Or do they actually think “I’m too chicken-shit or lazy to enlist, so I’ll do my part to combat terrorism by sucking some GI cock”? Weird, but still cool. The site sems pretty sincere; this sounds like the same sort of grassroots movement I saw during the flashmob days. Heh. They’ve even got t-shirts and bumper stickers.

Now what did I do with that old soldier costume I had…

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