Steiner faces the third degree…

…Is the most amusing Google translation I saw of “Steiner, Flächen dritten Graden”. This is of course the short form of “Steiner, J. – Über die Flächen dritten Grades”, the article I have been translating from fucking German for a presentation I’m doing this week.

Anyway, most of the work is done, and my German is now a little more fluent. That is, up from “barely at all”. Most of the language is translated, leaving mostly just notation, plus a couple of technical terms like Asymptotenpuncte (asymptotic point) and Ebenenbüscheln (sheaves). You can see the original and the results here:

Есть такой медиаплеер: mk908

Steiner, J. – Über die Flächen dritten Grades [1857] (PDF)
Steiner, J. – Über die Flächen dritten Grades (text, edited OCR, German)
Steiner, J. – On surfaces of the third degree (text, edited and Google-translated OCR, English)

It’s some cool stuff, and it kinda makes me look forward to learning to do Math in German. But holy shit was this a pain in the ass.

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