PHP-Generated Comic Test

I’ve been toying with this idea for a while, and hopefully this summer I’ll get to work on it more. The idea is that I create a database-driven comic strip. All the characters, plots and so on are stored in a MySQL database, and get interpreted by PHP and turned into SVG.

The amusing thing about this is that, as I work on it and tweak it, the art will retroactively get better. For instance, if a particular character’s template is badly drawn, and I update it as I create new strips, the old strips will automagically get an art update as well :)

Anyway, I’ve been having fun so far, working on this for an hour at a time, once every couple of months over the past year. Now I’ve got a framework that looks like it’ll speed up development immensely. So long as I create a database schema that conveys all the information I need it to.

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