From the highly addictive browser game Travian:

KIDs 08.09.07 17:40:42
give Me little resources and I you shall not touch.

KIDs 08.09.07 17:49:37
I you destroy if you I shall not help!

[I check, and KIDs has a fraction of my population]

me 08.09.07 18:13:24
Go on, then. Destroy me.

KIDs 08.09.07 19:33:49
1 day and i you destroy.

me 09.09.07 16:16:11
I'm still waiting. You haven't destroyed me yet.

KIDs 09.09.07 16:18:11
I little mistaken.I it is necessary a little more time.

me 09.09.07 16:20:14
Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaa you suck

KIDs 09.09.07 16:23:49
I shall kill you.Remained quite little time.

me 09.09.07 16:28:28
Ha ha ha

KIDs 09.09.07 16:29:53
Afterwards not dialects that I you has not warned.

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