An idle thought: Burqa fetish

Imagine this: burqa fetishism starts gaining some ground. What happens? Do islamic leaders say “well, these aren’t working, we might as well let women wear trousers?” Or do they say “well, these aren’t working, we need to stop letting women leave the house at all?”

this silliness inspired by a comment on FA

One thought on “An idle thought: Burqa fetish”

  1. I’m pretty sure it already exists. I recently read an article (can’t find it now) by a western journalist in Afghanistan who spent a couple of days wearing a burqa. She keeps on exclaiming over how many of the male Afghanis working with her express appreciation for how she looks in a burqa. It makes perfect sense though – if you’ve grown up only ever seeing women in burquas of course you would eventually learn to appreciate the sight of a cute girl in a burqa, whether you agree with their enforced use or not.

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