Football-playing robots

As the field of robotics, and AI specifically, advance, people have more and more fun programming them. Take, for instance, the RoboCup World Championship, happening this month in Germany. 350 teams of robots attempt to score as many goals as possible.

This is a cool application of swarm robotics. You need to co-ordinate five autonomous robots so that they can map out the terrain, keep track of where everyone is, including the ball, and determine the best way to win the game. There have been many applications, both practical and theoretical, of swarm robotics, and many predict that it is the breakthrough that will open the way to a robot age.

For some discussion of swarm robotics and its applications, here are some choice resources:

  • NASA’s ANTS project
  • Neal Stephenson’s novel The Diamond Age: Or, a Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer Buy this at Amazon Buy this at Chapters

More items will be added as I decide to expand the list. Comments are enabled for this article; please feel free to suggest any source of swarm-related material.

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