Capsule Endoscope

Imagine this: You have some sort of ulcer or infection or something in your lower intestine. Although it is difficult to figure out exactly what’s wrong without expensive and invasive surgery, your doctor makes an educated guess and prescribes some medication for it. The drug is in a fairly high dose because by the time it reaches the affected area much of it has leached into other areas of your digestive tract. There are some uncomfortable side-effects, but eventually you feel better.

Now imagine your doctor could give you a small device the shape and size of a largish pill. You swallow it, and your doctor controls it wirelessly, leading it through your stomach and intestines. The device transmits video of the affected area and grabs a small sample of fluid for analysis. You pass the capsule easily, and the doctor figures out from the fluid exactly what’s wrong. An identical capsule goes back down the hatch, makes its way to the affected area and deposits a small amount of medication directly to the area that needs it. Your side-effects are greatly reduced or none, your recovery is faster, and there is less chance of misdiagnosis. Best of all, your hospital bill is way smaller than if you had had to go under the knife.
Endoscope capsule by Olympus Medical Systems Corporation

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