Another weird dream

This one is from last night.

So apparently my friend Anja has this creepy roommate. He’s constantly mentioning some intersection, and insinuating that she go there, he follows her around sometimes, and he’s kind of a crazy-talker otherwise. Somehow I wind up hanging out at their apartment, and Anja is out. The roommate mentions the intersection, and I ask him what’s at that intersection. He says the name of a psych hospital. I ask him why Anja is supposed to go there, and he says because she’s crazy. I call him a madman, and he gets annoyed. I do it a couple more times and he takes a swing at me. He misses, but I almost fall down a flight of stairs. I keep egging him on, inciting him to keep attacking. I keep dodging, but quickly realize that he’s strong, and if he connects with one solid hit I’m going down.

There’s no end to the story. After that I woke up.

One thought on “Another weird dream”

  1. ha ha. halfway through this i forgot it was a dream you were talking about and got really freaked out.

    i had one recently about a coyote telling me to inhale some sort of incense that would give me prophetic visions.

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