George Bush doesn’t care

I think I may have developed some carpal tunnel syndrome or some other, similar RSI, so I ought to keep this short.

I was reading through my huge backlog of Worldchanging articles, and in an interview with Bruce Sterling I came across the phrase (by Bruce) “George Bush doesn’t care about Kyoto and “jobs.”” And I thought to myself: wouldn’t it be neat to gather a list of things George Bush doesn’t care about, as reported by people on the internets? Well, here goes. These are almost all pre-Katrina, since after the Kanye West thing there were all sorts of people trying to be funny with “George Bush doesn’t care about your mom”-type comments. Feel free to chip in with more links or your own opinions.

Phew! Amazing what you can find on the internets with just a couple of Google searches. Now I’m going to go lie down and let my hands heal a bit.

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