A Friendly Roundup

Here is a quick roundup of what’s going on with the blogs of some of my friends.

Jake recently got nominated in the “Best Blog Post” category of the Canadian Blog Awards for his post In Defense of Reasoned Inquiry. Congratulations, Jake!

Julien has decided to start blogging more about Capoeira, since he has recently changed his school and his attitude toward the game/sport/art. Hopefully he’ll have plenty to say, and contribute to the material available online about Capoeira.

More people have been joining the Lost Ante folding team, for Folding@Home. You can see sporadic news updates on the group’s blog, and feel free to join the team. All you need to do is tell your Folding@Home client that you’re part of group #45144. Let’s see if we can get the team into the 5th percentile!

Floh has been very quiet for the past couple of months, giving the (very false) impression that nothing is going on in her life. Get back online, Floh!

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