About five years ago Julien and I started studying Aikido at Aikido de la Montagne. He stopped going at some point, and then I had to stop because work was just too hectic. Thing is, I always missed it. I kept telling myself that I would go back, but never got around to it.

Now three things have converged to allow me to go back to it. One: I earn enough money to afford the 50-60$ a month or whatever. Two: I live close enough that it is easy for me to attend classes, even in the winter, without worrying about finding and paying for parking. Three: my situation at work is such that I can take a couple of early afternoons a week without having to ask my boss for permission.

So I’ve started Aikido again! I am thrilled, despite my aching and sore thighs. Yay me! I did my first class in five years on Tuesday, then dropped by the McGill Go club for a game and caught up with a few old friends. Now I’m debating going back to Aikido tonight versus waiting until next Tuesday.

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