Generation DIY

Worldchanging takes an interesting look at the DIY revolution we’ve seen over the past few years in “Generation Fabrication“. For the first time in ages, perhaps for the first time ever, it is possible for the average European or North-American or other first-worlder to create good-quality content and to distribute it to a wide audience. One no longer needs tens of thousands of [insert currency here] to build up a set of tools good enough to make things with machined parts, as one can use free CAD software to design objects and have them machined by sending an email. One can take stunning photos with digital cameras that cost a couple of hundred bucks, and get pretty good at it because not having to pay for film means it’s that much easier to get lots of practice in. This applies to digital video as well. Technologies and services such as podcasting and Flickr mean that distribution of content is almost as easy as thought. Personally, I’m loving it. Being able to create pretty much any type of content with minimal cost outlay is severely awesome.

I recommend you read the Worldchanging article, and bookmark the main page or subscribe to their feed. Every time I check their latest output I am blown away by some new progress or some insightful view into what is changing our world and us. I really can’t speak highly enough of them.

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