I’m having headaches again. I go through a mental checklist of the things that cause my headaches, trying each remedy in turn.

Dehydration. Drink some water. Wait a while. Drink more water. Feeling any better? A bit? Wait a while. Drink more water. Still got the headache.

Caffeine withdrawal. I haven’t had any caffeine today. Get a coffee. Get a Coke to drink while the coffee is cooling. Drink the Coke and half the coffee. Feel better? No.

Hunger. No, I had a good-sized lunch. I was quite sated.

Protein deficiency. Nope, had lots of protein last night and today. And iron as well, as long as we’re counting.

Discounting the possibility of my just having caught some bug, this leaves one more cause: stress. My headache is probably caused by stress. And the bastarding thing about it is that there’s nothing I can do right now to fix that. The weekend’s coming up, so I’ll sleep then. Perhaps getting four hours a night all week wasn’t so great for me. But for now I’ve got to keep working for another hour or two and not think about the possibility that I’ll have to come in over the weekend.