Geeky Yarmulke

There was a post on BoingBoing today about a geek who designed himself a yarmulke bearing such images as the Bluetooth logo, a PSP, an iPod, a cellphone, and so on. Kinda interesting. But this quote from the original article caught my eye:

My wife Leah spent three months crocheting the gadget yarmulka based on a design I created for her. She is not pleased with the idea that Iā€™m going to want a new one with different gadgets ā€“ maybe a WiMAX logo? Nokia 8801? Motorola PEBL? ā€“ in a few months.

Sounds like the rest of the statement is “… but she will anyway, because I want her to.” Hey, what kind of geek is Avi if he doesn’t even want to DIY? Better to have his wife spend three months crocheting the bloody thing?

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