Technical Difficulties

First off: I like Sprocket Data. They’ve been good hosts, overall. But lately my connection has been seriously flakey. From late Saturday to sometime Sunday the connection to this server was on-and-off. Then last night I had another few hours of downtime and my server got rebooted! My precious, sweet uptime! gone!

This is not doing wonders for my plans to get more people to host with me… bah. But I have faith that they’ll get their acts together. Apparently they’ve switched connectivity providers or something, and they were having routing problems, which means that it’ll go away soon. And hopefully SDI will be cool enough to give me some compensation.

Further bulletins as the evening warrants.

One thought on “Technical Difficulties”

  1. They offered me $17 dollars for my 7 hours of downtime that day. I switched to Colo4Dallas and the service is so much better. What a joke they have for tech support at SDI.

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