Contrary to popular belief, I am not slacking off

No, really. I’m no longer doing nothing but work and sleep. I know that my blog goes for way too long at a time without updates, but still. I’m doing dev work. I’m administering this server and improving the lives of my users. And I’ve got a few projects that I’m working on, that are taking up my time.

Io: I’m an almost-out-of-the-closet gamer. Yes, role-playing games. Yes, Dungeons and Dragons. No, I never grew out of that. No, I don’t “believe I am an elf.” Anyway, the Io site was originally a repository of articles and information about the world my friends and I play in. It’s been under construction for a year and a half because I started implementing a permissions system and never finished it. Recently, though, I’ve been doing more work on it. I’ve been writing some DM tools that should make my life a hell of a lot easier while gaming. It’s a shitload of work, though. You can’t see them yet, because they’re password-protected but take my words for it: shit is getting done.

Memethief: This is a project being started very slowly with a couple of friends. The idea is that it’s a collaborative blog in six parts. There are six topics, each of which appears on the front page one day a week. Thing is, I’m rolling my own interface to it, and I’m writing all the real code. Oh, and I have a really cool idea for my side of it! The other contributors are supposed to be writing their own HTML (hint, hint, you guys!) but I of course have been complicating my own life by adding extra functionality to my side of things. This is the part that’s giving me all the grief (and the part that’s actually getting developed :o)

Plus on top of those two I’m doing this refresher course in math. It’s high-school-level shit, but I’ve gotta because I’m applying to school next year and they need to know I’m not a complete n00b. Fuck, and I’ve been falling behind on that too. Arg!

I’m working my ass off lately on this hosting I do. I’m trying to get the people I host to get me more customers so I can upgrade the server. So I’ve been bending over backward for them, installing this new nifty statistics reporting program and stuff, and all sorts of shit. I’m moving log files around so my users have access to them, I’m configging my mail server so they can all manage their own aliases. I set up some redundant DNS servers with my registrar so that shit is always resolvable. So if you need some cheap hosting drop me a line!

Then, there’s this zine I’m supposed to be doing a piece for. I know what I want to do, and I’ve got the preliminary work done, but I’ve still got to buckle down and do it. And that’s going to be a big chunk of time. Fuck.

Finally, there’s usual life shit. Work, bills, crap, family, stress, somehow managing to remember to eat at least once or twice a day (I slipped up this past weekend) — but I can’t claim that as special stuff I’m working on because it’s the sort of stuff everyone does. But just so you know, I’m not neglecting this blog because I’ve stopped being creative and outputty. It’s just going in different directions for now.

Fuck I’m tired.

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