You Should of Payed Alot more Attention

John Humphrys rants and raves in the Sunday Times about the deplorable state of English as spoken and written by recent generations. He makes some very good points, along with some amusing tidbits:

I won’t go as far as the gauche young man from rural Mississippi who won a scholarship to Harvard. On his first day he approached a couple of cocky young New England socialites. “Hey y’all . . . where’s the library at?” They sniggered and one replied haughtily: “At Harvard we prefer not to end a sentence with a preposition.” The young redneck thought a moment and said: “Okay. Where’s the library at, asshole?” But I will use the word “only” correctly.

Although some parts of the article seem a little too strict to allow for natural evolution of language, it is overall a good read, one that had me nodding at times and the bile raising in my throat at others.

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