We’re Awfully Nice to Strangers

According to an article on CNN Immigration Canada is making an overt push to attract left-leaning Americans. And it look s like the response is pretty good too. From the article:

The Canadian immigration Web site had 115,000 hits the day after the election — from the U.S. alone. We usually only get 20,000 hits.

There is also a site set up by the folks at Communicopia, an online communications company, called Canadian Alternative. It urges Americans to consider the benefits of moving to Canada. This is pretty cool. I don’t know that it’ll be terribly successful, but the immigration lawyer behind much of this new movement is optimistic, and already has a few clients in the pipeline.

It’s been said before, but I think it bears repeating: one potential drawback to an exodus is that the percentage of remaining Americans who are right-wing nuts* increases. Taken to an extreme, this means more republican presidents, less equality, more war, less freedom, more wage gaps, fewer social benefits, more poverty, less international support for the obnoxious cowboys across the lake, and more terrorists with a beef agains the US. Well, we’ll see. I doubt enough people will leave to noticeably affect the demographic layout of the country.

* I don’t mean to say that all right-wingers are nuts. I’m specifically talking about those who are nuts.

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