Republican Voter Deception Tricks

So let’s say you belong to a political party that values the reselection of your candidate over the democratic process. Would you parade around in the guise of someone on the other team, holding placards that announce what you “support” in a way that is designed to scare voters into voting for your party? Well, that’s what some GOP goombas have been doing: dressing up in what they think looks like a gay uniform and holding signs like “SUPPORT GAY ADOPTION: Kerry/Edwards”.

I saw the photos before reading the text, and thought “okay, they’re enthusiastic, but I don’t think they realize they’re being counterproductive.” Then it came out that they were GOP toadies. Bleargh. When confronted one of them apparently said “Our candidate, John Kerry, supports gay marriage, gay adoption, everything gay.” Um. Fortunately, it sounds like the voters weren’t fooled, and as soon as someone turned some cameras on the fakers they slithered back where they came from. Read the article, it’s worth it: Link

Anyway, if you’re able to vote I sure hope you have. And I hope you’ve seen through all the deception to get these scumbags out of Washington.

via William Gibson

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