OMG sexy math!

I’m working on a problem right now that I’m excited about. This is for marks, so please don’t email me with any advice or stuff, and don’t leave any comments discussing this until I have finished it and submitted my results to the prof.

In fact, I’m not even going to post any details yet. Just that I’m excited and stuff. So shower me with admiration — I’ll post more geekiness once I get this done.

Update: My proof is complete, and quite elegant. I’m pitching it Wednesday to my prof, so you’ll get to find out all about it then.

On Victims and Victimizers

There is a discussion in the comment thread on a recent Feminist Allies post about discussion of men as victimizers (in violent situations) without acknowledging that men are victims too, Daran makes the point that there is a lot of talk of men-as-victims with an addendum of “but they’re men, so they’re also perpetrators,” with the implication that male victims of violence are somehow less harmed than female victims because of the latter group’s lower tendency for violence. I don’t know that this argument is especially common, but I have seen it made, or at least implied. Building a dichotomy of aggressors-vs-victims suffers from a glaring flaw: in fact only a very small proportion of the whole population of our societies is made up of people who are only perpetrators of injustice, or only victims, or neither: a patriarchical society maintains state because both women and men support and perpetuate it.

There have been discussions in various feminist spaces of “patriarchy hurts men too,” but this is a difficult subject to deal with seriously because it is so often used by MRAs, rape apologists and other distasteful characters to justify the status quo, attack people trying to address real wrongs, or undermine female victims of violence, especially sexual assault and rape. Still, there is a lot of good argument to be made in “PHMT” discussions, such as the idea that part of the reason there is so much violence around is that violence is built into the societal male ideal, and that gender roles are set up such that much of this violence is directed at other males. So I want to make clear before going any further that in discussing male victims of male-perpetrated violence and the harm that patriarchy does to men I do not aim to belittle female victims or imply that the fact that men are harmed somehow reduces the harm done to women. If anything I say comes across that way, please point it out to me.
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I am a loser

And I blame Floh. Yes, the rumours are true, I’ve created a Facebook account. Le sigh. Floh convinced me, and I can feel myself getting addicted. And if you’re reading this on Facebook… Well, you know you’re one too :)