First day of school

Edit: there are a couple of clarifications in this post stemming from Amy’s misinterpretation of what I wrote

I’m about to leave for my first day as a student at UTSC. Yay! Go me! And stuff. The past couple of weeks have been seriously hectic, what with the moving and dealing with all that shit, tidying up the new place and unpacking stuff, getting it set up so that it’s livable. Plus all the extra work that needs to be done as part of living with someone: agreeing on a division of work and so on.

But it’s going well. We didn’t manage to get everything unpacked inside of a week as we had hoped, but we’re doing pretty well. We’re doing massive amounts of cooking on the weekends so we have meals all week without having to work much cooking into our schedules. This is working better than I thought it would. It means we only eat two or three different dishes per week, but as it turns out that’s just fine. Partly because it means we always have a good dinner regardless of how tired or lazy we feel: no “ugh, I don’t feel like cooking, let’s just have noodles and chick peas again.”

And now… back to school. Weirdness! I know two people at UTSC so far: Jake’s sister (R) and his dad (M). R is in her second year, while M is a prof. In fact, his is the class I am going to in about an hour and a half. There is someone else there as well, who is sort of related to me by marriage. If I understood correctly, he is a postdoc teaching math of some sort, and his wife is the sister of the wife of a man whose mother has the same last name as me. So this guy is my third cousin’s wife’s brother in law, I think. I don’t know what my family tree looks like in that branch, but that sounds about right. So I know his last name, and he’ll recognize mine when he hears it, and I am supposed to go and curry favour with him or something. Fuck that. I’m weirded out enough about having my partner’s dad, who I know fairly well, teach me; I’m not going to go up to a stranger and say, “Hey, your wife’s sister’s husband is my cousin. How about some special treatment?”

But that’s the way these families work. I’m sure it’s the same with many nationalities, but to me it seems especially prevalent in the jewish branches of my family: due to my family’s sense of ethnic entitlement getting ahead of others based on your family connections is not only accepted, it’s the expected way to behave. There is even an attitude among my father’s family of “as a Jew* you deserve to be ahead, so we’ll help realize that.” Personally, I find it distasteful.

But university. Woo… I don’t really know what to expect. I keep seeing images from TV and movies, trying to convince me that all the classes are either 500-student amphitheatres or 12-student discussion groups. I’m sure I’ll do well, but it’s a little whelming.

Oh, and speaking of whelm… I need to get some gaming on! And I need to find a Go club at UTSC. And I need to apply for a job at the computer labs. Oh, so much to do, and so much time wasted blogging instead. Arg! Bye.

* Never mind that I’m not one