Server change == ARRGH

I’m in the process of moving all my stuff — and all the stuff of my clients — from one server to another. Thank fuck I only have a dozen or so clients, because I really don’t think I could automate all this shit. However, since the new server uses cPanel it should in theory be easier to move from there to any new server that also has cPanel installed.

We’ll see. Arg!

Update: not as bad as I thought, but there’s more downtime involved than I had hoped. Oh well.

Nigeria <3 OLPC [update: "?"]

See update, below

Yes, the One Laptop Per Child project (aka the 100$ laptop) has its first buyers. Nigeria bought and paid for 1 million units recently. OLPC says once they get to 5-10 million units bought and paid for they will begin production. So they’re 10-20% of the way there!

Update: apparently OLPC is still negotiating with Nigeria, and the deal has not been finalized. I’ve been unable to confirm this on the OLPC site, but apparently Brazil, Argentina and Thailand are in negotiations as well. If they get 1 million laptops as well, OLPC is only 1 million away from being able to ship.

OLPC news confirms that Thailand is engaged in analysis of the benefits of the program

via Worldchanging