Second Life

I took the plunge — I registered on Second Life. And so far I can see why people get so frickin’ addicted to it. So if you’re online look up Jan Darrow and say hi. I’m planning to start building on some property as soon as I can work up enough whuffie to shell out for a “first land” plot.

Oh, and BTW I’m modifying Jan’s appearance to look like Schism, my character in Eric’s Planescape game, so expect some serious hotness. As Schism gains in power and phatness so will Jan, eventually getting scripts up the wazoo to bend the laws of reality in true Guvner fashion.

So far I have done a quick texture for Jan/Schism’s face that shows the scorch marks around the eyes, nostrils and mouth. I’ll upload some screenshots at some point so you can see what the descendant of a fallen celestial looks like.

I frackin’ rock.

An appreciative neighbourhood

An appreciative neighbourhood
My local bulk food store recently got firebombed, twice. They put up a sign asking “who doesn’t want us here?” So I put up a sign Friday saying “people who do want you here:” and signed my name, and left a couple of permanent markers there. Three hours later, the sign was completely full, and someone had even left some flowers.

By Monday people had put up six more bristol boards full of names, comments and good wishes. Some people wrote notes to the effect of “please go away so nearby homes aren’t threatened,” and still others blamed the nearby competition for the attacks, but for the most part people simply expressed a feeling of “we miss you, please reopen the store.”

As for who is responsible? Well, I don’t know. And unlike many people, I realize that doesn’t qualify me to decide. However, there are two believable possibilities:

An appreciative neighbourhood

  • Bob, the owner of the competition. There have been reports of him threatening the former owner of this store, and of him being rude and abusive to customers. There are all sorts of reasons people (including the cops) think it’s unlikely to have been him.
  • Tamil Tigers. There was quite a lot of press about Tamil people being threatened and attacked in Toronto. As the new owners of this store are Sri Lankan, it seems this would be a possibility.
  • The owners, for the insurance. Cops have said that there are none of the usual patterns of behaviour normally associated with an insurance burn. Besides, why would they burn it twice?