Honky with a bus pass

You know how for many people having a car is a symbol of freedom? What with the whole “I can go where I want, open highway, wind in my whatever” and so on. Funny enough, I feel much the same way about my bus pass. It’s been years since I had one, and now I can go anywhere in the city without worrying about how much gas I’m using or when my next tuneup is due or even about traffic. I can relax, read, daydream out the window or even nap. I never appreciated public transportation so much before I was forced to get a car!

Lost, politically

Lost is one of the best shows on television right now. The writing is exquisite, and just about every character is interesting. Even without the occasional cliffhanger, it is torture to have to wait between shows to find out what happens next.

It occurred to me that there are a few things of note, to do with the demographics and general politics of the show. If you haven’t seen any of it don’t worry — nothing I say here will ruin any surprises. Also, some of what I say here changes through the series. I don’t mention what to avoid spoilers. To see the spoilers (please only do this if you’re up to date!) see this post.

The show has deviated from regular TV fare in several ways, and makes the same old mistakes in several others. I have attempted to present as much coverage here as I could think of. If you see a flaw in my reasoning, or if you disagree, or if you see something I have omitted, please do comment at the bottom and let me know.
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