Math profs, eat your hearts out!

I’ve always had a pretty good head for math and math-related problems. Thing is, in high school I would often get to the answer too quickly, skipping over the part where you write down the steps you used to get there. Thus I would lose marks for being too good a student.

This is all part of my thesis, “Why the Education System Sucks”. And I was reminded of it by this Schlock strip:

Schlock Mercenary strip

Dean Gray Tuesday is today!

If you’re visiting this site on December 13th, you already know that the front page of has been replaced by a page where you can download the “American Idiot” mashup album. If you’re reading this via RSS or at a later date, you can still see the Dean Gray Tuesday page here. And if you just want the album, here are some links:

Torrent of entire album, excluding art
American Jesus
Dr. Who on Holiday
Boulevard of Broken Songs
The Bad Homecoming
St. Jimmy the Prankster
Novocaine Rhapsody
Impossible Rebel
Ashanti’s Letterbomb
Greenday Massacre
Whatsername (Susanna Hoffs)
Bonus track:
Boulevard of Broken Songs (dance mix ’05)
Front cover (small) – 97k
CD art – 249k
Back Cover – 753k
Front Cover – 503k