Dean Gray Tuesday

On Tuesday, December 13th, along with (hopefully lots of) other web sites will be joining in on a protest agains the strongarming by record labels such as EMI and Warner of mashup artists. The noncommercial mashup album American Edit, which combines Green Day with all sorts of other artists and samples, has been subjected to a legal nastygram and a takedown order from the lawyers of Green Day’s label, Warner Music.

So, just like on Gray Tuesday, people are demonstrating back. Starting at midnight on Tuesday, December 13th 2005 and ending 24 hours later, you will be able to get Dean Gray’s mashup album American Edit right here. If you want to join in on Dean Gray Tuesday, go check out the details at If not, stop by on the 13th and pick up the album.

CC Song-a-day podcast

You know those comic-a-day calendars? The joke-a-day, crossword-a-day, word-a-day ones? Those big-ass blocks of paper you wind up reading through by Easter because you want to see the next way Asok will be exploited? Well, this kicks all sorts of ass. It’s a Creative Commons song, every day, in a podcast. No blah blah blah, just music. Different genres, different artists, delivered right to your podcatcher every day. I’m psyched.

Go check out the Creative Commons Three Sixty Five project from Indieish, and subscribe to the podcast feed. Go now. Now!

George Bush doesn’t care

I think I may have developed some carpal tunnel syndrome or some other, similar RSI, so I ought to keep this short.

I was reading through my huge backlog of Worldchanging articles, and in an interview with Bruce Sterling I came across the phrase (by Bruce) “George Bush doesn’t care about Kyoto and “jobs.”” And I thought to myself: wouldn’t it be neat to gather a list of things George Bush doesn’t care about, as reported by people on the internets? Well, here goes. These are almost all pre-Katrina, since after the Kanye West thing there were all sorts of people trying to be funny with “George Bush doesn’t care about your mom”-type comments. Feel free to chip in with more links or your own opinions.

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A joke told sotto voce

Alain: I’ve got a joke for you.
He lowers his voice, and I think “Oh, shit.”
Alain: Why are there no black people on The Flintstones?
Me: …
Alain: Because back then, they were still apes! [laughs]
Me, not laughing: That’s really bad.
Alain, still laughing: Yeah, I know!
Me: As in, it’s not funny.
He stops laughing and quickly changes the subject.

Anyone want to comment on the prevalence of racism in Quebec? I don’t know if this sort of thing is more or less common here than in other parts of Canada and the world, but it seems very common and widely accepted.

Update: corrected speling in title. Incidentally, there is some really bad pronunciation on the entry.

An interesting web-surfing device

Internet kiosk tablet
I was recently sitting at the cafe on St-Denis just above Sherbrooke, and I noticed they have a free internet service. This comprises a tablet PC running some browser in kiosk mode, equipped with a wireless card so you can take it to your table.

Obviously my hacker spirit gets the better of me, and I start poking around. The first thing that occurs to me is that they probably have some sort of web site access restriction so people don’t spend hours browsing porn for free. I don’t really care about porn sites, but I’m curious to see if they block over-zealously. So I try It works.

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A Friendly Roundup

Here is a quick roundup of what’s going on with the blogs of some of my friends.

Jake recently got nominated in the “Best Blog Post” category of the Canadian Blog Awards for his post In Defense of Reasoned Inquiry. Congratulations, Jake!

Julien has decided to start blogging more about Capoeira, since he has recently changed his school and his attitude toward the game/sport/art. Hopefully he’ll have plenty to say, and contribute to the material available online about Capoeira.

More people have been joining the Lost Ante folding team, for Folding@Home. You can see sporadic news updates on the group’s blog, and feel free to join the team. All you need to do is tell your Folding@Home client that you’re part of group #45144. Let’s see if we can get the team into the 5th percentile!

Floh has been very quiet for the past couple of months, giving the (very false) impression that nothing is going on in her life. Get back online, Floh!