Cassini Dances with Mimas, Titan, Iapetus

As any space-probe-savvy reader knows, Cassini-Huygens entered Saturn orbit on June 30. Well, it’s been getting no rest since, sending back some very impressive and picturesque photos of Saturn’s surface, rings and satellites.

From the Saturn mission’s web site, there are some recent images — quite interesting and pretty ones — of Saturn and environs. Did you know Mimas looks suspiciously like a certain orbital space station everyone but Julien is familiar with?

Probably the best way to keep up with the goings-on of Cassini and his little buddy is to visit the JPL site from time to time, but an easier (and fun) way is to frequent Cassini’s LJ blog. Friend him (assuming you’ve got a Livejournal account – bleccch) and you’ll be kept up-to date. More or less.

How to Get a Gun if You’re an Ex-Con

  1. Walk into a sporting goods store in Arkansas
  2. Ask for a gun
  3. Fill out the forms for your background check
  4. Wait three days
  5. Go back to the sporting goods store.
    • If your application came back (declined because you’re an ex-con) pick a different sporting goods store and go to step 1.
    • If your application hasn’t come back yet, you get your gun!

Don’t believe me? Here‘s my source.

Link via Fark


You know that thing when you pack yourself a lunch for (work|school) and you think you’re pretty fucking smart because it means you won’t have to pay for food at the mall or whatever? And then you forget, and go buy yourself a meal at the mall anyway, while your lovingly created home-made tupperwared fare sits in the fridge?

Well, I never do that. No siree bob. Never. Nuh uh.

In unrelated news, I’m an idiot.

Wasn’t This In Revelations?

Her name is Natasha
Her name is Faith
Come on, there’s gotta be something about “beasts walking like men” in there. Something about Dogs and Monkeys taking over the world, no?

It’s funny that these two news items appeared so close together… Are we going to see more anthropomorphic animals in the near future? Gosh, I hope so.

Ooh, I sense a Fark Photoshop contest coming on! :o)