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Venn Diagrams FTW

An intelligently designed diagram

Seriously, though, Venn diagrams are a concise and satisfyingly geeky way to convey complex information. Instead of writing a paragraph about how some of the people in my life are geeks, and some of the people in my life are artsy, and explaining that those groups overlap , and further that some subset of the overlapping region will find my webcomic project viscerally satisfying, I can draw three circles in a square and you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I hated The Arcade Fire before it became cool to think they sucked

And Venn diagrams are versatile! You don’t even have to mouth off to anyone any more if you can just scribble some pithy circles on a bar napkin. Draw three interlocking circles titled “smart people”, “sexy people” and “talented people”, then enclose them in a circle labeled “people who aren’t you” within a larger rectangle labeled “everybody”. See? It’s that easy!

Yes, the Venn diagram could be the key to an new, utopic, entirely non-verbal society. Keep your eye on it!

Be a hero this summer

I am a summer hero! And you can be too!

Summer Hero!

The 2007 Ennies votes are happening, and the small press games that are up for awards need your help. If you’re a fan of Spirit of the Century, Burning Empires, Lacuna, Dictionary of Mu, Dawning Star: Helios Rising, Faery’s Tale, or Hollow Earth Expedition, this is a chance for you to stand up like me and make a difference. The voting is happening starting July 16th over at the Ennie Awards site and lasts only two weeks. There’s no better time to cast your vote than today!

You find a sample ballot here: Grab a Sample Ballot

And you can place your votes here during the voting period starting on July 16th: The Ennie Awards Voting Site

Together we can be heard. Become a Summer Hero. Cast your vote, and let other people know how to become heroes themselves!

Find out how to put this message in your own blog!

I voted in the Ennies

Nigeria <3 OLPC [update: "?"]

See update, below

Yes, the One Laptop Per Child project (aka the 100$ laptop) has its first buyers. Nigeria bought and paid for 1 million units recently. OLPC says once they get to 5-10 million units bought and paid for they will begin production. So they’re 10-20% of the way there!

Update: apparently OLPC is still negotiating with Nigeria, and the deal has not been finalized. I’ve been unable to confirm this on the OLPC site, but apparently Brazil, Argentina and Thailand are in negotiations as well. If they get 1 million laptops as well, OLPC is only 1 million away from being able to ship.

OLPC news confirms that Thailand is engaged in analysis of the benefits of the program

via Worldchanging

Abortion-related googlebomb call

If you have a website and you think reproductive rights are worth fighting for, please take a moment to link to the National Abortion Federation using the word “abortion” as the link text. The current leader in Google rankings is an assholish organization that is virulently anti-abortion (I’m not going to link to those fuckers), rather than an abortion information site.

For more information on the abortion googlebomb campaign see this post by Jake.

There is no Racial Profiling Going on in the US.

This one is a couple of years old. I found it while digging around in some ancient stuff.

Really, none whatsoever. Of course, there are some things that could be interpreted as such, but that would be a mistake. Take for example the below conversation between the Department of Homeland Security and the Census Bureau, circa December 2003. This transcript is an exaggeration, of course, but the underlying facts are about right. As you’ll see, this dialogue demonstrates that the US Department of Homeland Security is not engaging in any racial-profiling-type activities.

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