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Venn Diagrams FTW

An intelligently designed diagram

Seriously, though, Venn diagrams are a concise and satisfyingly geeky way to convey complex information. Instead of writing a paragraph about how some of the people in my life are geeks, and some of the people in my life are artsy, and explaining that those groups overlap , and further that some subset of the overlapping region will find my webcomic project viscerally satisfying, I can draw three circles in a square and you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I hated The Arcade Fire before it became cool to think they sucked

And Venn diagrams are versatile! You don’t even have to mouth off to anyone any more if you can just scribble some pithy circles on a bar napkin. Draw three interlocking circles titled “smart people”, “sexy people” and “talented people”, then enclose them in a circle labeled “people who aren’t you” within a larger rectangle labeled “everybody”. See? It’s that easy!

Yes, the Venn diagram could be the key to an new, utopic, entirely non-verbal society. Keep your eye on it!

Drunkards and Daredevils

I won’t go into full detail here, as you can read about the session on the wiki.

I will say this: I love working with Aspects. I need to get better at compelling the players’ aspects; they all wound up without enough fate Points to have enough fun. And I learned a great lesson when I figured out just how powerful Maneuvers can be.

So I’m about to start a second game in a couple of weeks, with a different group. Characters have been made, and now all we’re missing is a story. At least one of them reads my blog from time to time, so I won’t go into detail, but I have a few ideas already :)